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Year 1800

The fortress Sveaborg, one of Europe's strongest fortresses, considered by Russia to threaten St. Petersburg in a world where Napoelon and France is begining to conquer Europe.

Year 1820

The Russians siege Sveaborg but it never surrender. An early peace is desirable for the Russians. Their goal is the control of the Gulf of Finland. The Swedish king Gustav IV Adolf was dethroned by the generals who realized they could not defeat the Russians.

Sweden cedes southern Finland and Ă…land islands with a Russia promise of help for conquering Norway. The new ruler Karl Johan Bernadotte became allied with Russians against Napoleon and after the Napoleon wars a union with Norway was formed. Poland also becomes part of Russia.

Year 1905

The Russians did sought for a more natural border in the north, but after the loss at the Crimea War they gave up those ambitions.

As the leading state of Germany Prussia unites the German Empire. Norway gets independence from Sweden.

Year 1920

In Finland, both nationalist- (the Whites) and revolutionary- (the reds) movements was strong but it was split between the Russians and Swedish parts. The Whites in the south did never get the strong support from northern Finland and lost the civil war to the Red side which was strong in Southern Finland. They eventually formed a Finnish-Soviet Soviet republic. The merger with Carelia was a Soviet ambition to include all Finnish-speaking population in the USSR.

The First World War means land cession for Germany. Nationalism gets a big break in Europe. and a number of new states formed, among others the restored Poland.

Year 1940

The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany shared Northen Europe. Sweden was diveded between Germany and Soviet Union. Kemi River became the border. The eastern part was supplied to the Fenno-Carelian Soviet Republic.

Year 1950

The Soviet Union kept the occupied eastern part of Sweden in the increased Fenno-Carelian republic. Soviet also incorporated the Baltic states and eastern Poland. Poland obtaining parts of Germany. Germany was divided into a West (BRD)- and East Germany (DDR).

Year 1990

The Soviet Union was demolished and the republics become independent states. Fenno-Carelia became a major country in the northern Europe, but it has a Russian minority which has became a tool for Nationalism Russian policy.

Sveaborg never surrendered