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  Sweden total Lost at GNW  
  Sveaborg never surrendered  
  Sweden without mines  

Year 1690

Sweden has Europe's most efficient war machine. When Karl XI dies, his young son Karl XII only 17 old inherited the throne. The revenge-hungry neighbors saw their chance!

Year 1720

Despite hardships to the Swedish Carolinian army, the effectiveness in the Battle of Poltava will turn out to be a complete victory over the Russian army which were fleeing and Tsar Peter was captured. Some years before, the Danish and Polish-armies were defeated.

The attacking country shall be punished is King Karls opinion and Russia is forced to cede East Karelia, Kola and more painful Novgorod and Pskov. In the east the line is drawn along the Pechora River. A Ukrainian state is established, Lithuania gets independence from Poland, all three will be dependent of Sweden.

Denmark has not been punished enough, consider the king with an attack and occupation of Copenhagen. Despite Britain's protests Denmark is forced to cede Norway and the Swedish allied duchy Holstein Gottorp took over the royal provinces of the Schleswig-Holstein, which became the duchys new name, allied and dependent of Sweden.

St. Petersburg, founded by the Russians at the Neva mounth was renamed to Carlsburg

År 1770

A period of peace is prevailing in the country. Carlsburg grows and become the country's most important city.

The peace is lasted until the European 7-Years War outbreak in 1754. The war was fought between Britain, Prussia and Russia on one side and France and Sweden on the other side. The war is not going well and the peace term is hard for Sweden and Novgorod is ceded to Russia. The Swedish German provinces is divided between Prussia, Meckelnburg and Hannover. Denmark takes over Schleswig-Holstein. Full independence is given to Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.

The dissatisfaction in the genuine Russian Novgorod has prevailed long and Great Britian aversion against the Swedish great power is factors behind the hard peace terms for Sweden.

Year 1870

The Napoleon war is not going to enter the northern or eastern Europe when the Russian Empire did not represents any threat to Napoleon and the following border changes in the Congress of Vienna was also moderate.

In the wake of the European war erupts the Swedish - Russian war brings the Russias aim to reach the sea and ports. For the first time, the Swedish army was defeated by the Russians and forced to surrender Arkangel region with the port city of Arkangel who regains the name Archangel.

As the leading state of Germany Prussia unites the empire.

Year 1925

In Russia won the Red Army against the White armies. The Swedish-Finnish Soviet Republic was too fragmented, which contributed to the White forces victories in Sweden and Finland. Nevaburg, with the support of the Russian Soviet Republic meant a victory for the Council Republic . The countryside was mainly Finnish speaking with Ingrians in the west. The city was threefold Russian, Finnish and Swedish-speaking population. It was natural to change the name of the Council Republic to Nevaburg and equally natural that Nevaburg joined the Soviet Union as a sub republic.





Year 1940

The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany shared northern Europe. Sweden came under German occupation, while Finland resist the Russian attack and cedes only easten parts of Karelia Karelia. Kola peninsula is occupied by the Soviet Union.

Year 1950

Nazi Germany was defeated and divided into a West (BRD)- and East Germany (DDR). Poland cedes the eastern provinces to the Soviet Union while obtaining parts of Germany.

Carelia becomes an Soviet republic while the important Kola area becomes an integral part of the Russian SFSSR.


Year 1990

Soviet Union was demolished and the republics become independent states. The big difference towards today is that the whole Sapmi (Lappland) is a part Sweden and full independence of Carelia.

During the 2010s, Russia has sought to regain areas. It's mainly Nevaburg affected and where large pro-Russian demonstrations took place. At present it's unclear how it will develop.


Year 1918

In the early 1900s, it seemed natural that the Swedish kingdom was part of the central European axis with the German Empire and Austria-Hungary as the other parts.

As a natural entourage was a Swedish declaration of war against the Entente. The idea was conquering territory and exploration in Siberia under Swedish leadership. The war was a disaster and the result were both Finland and Norway obtained independence. The Finns wanted to draw the line after the language border but finally the historic border was determined. Finland also received the important Carlsburg area. In the west the Narvik area had long been linked to Sweden and the important Lappland county in north

The Russian revoultionen spread to Carlsburg and further on to the rest of Sweden and Finland. A joint Swedish-Finnish Council Republic was formed and Carlsburg was renamed Nevaburg. At the end of 1918 the Swedish-Finnish Council Republic reach it´s maximum extent

Sweden total Victory at
Great Northern War