Change history:  
  Sweden total Victory at GNW  
  Sveaborg never surrendered  
  Sweden without mines  

Year 1690

Sweden should have been well prepared for the neighboring countries war of revenge. But a series of unfortunate circumstances cause that the previously effective Caroline army was not n a good condition as it was believed.

Year 1700

The inexperienced king and a split in the army resulted in a collapsed and the army was beaten in Riga, Landskrona and Narva with huge losses to Sweden and Sweden was therefor forced to seek for a unconditional peace.

Denmark regains its former provinces. Poland takes the Baltics and Russia Ingermanland and Finland. At the Neva river mouths construction of the new Russian capital, St. Petersburg begins. The German provinces was shared by Hannover, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg. Gotland can only be retained because of rivalries between the victorious powers.

Year 1770

Brandenburg proclaims the Kingdom of Prussia after the victory against Austria, where the important Silesia was conquered. Prussia, Russia and Austria begins to divide Poland, ( in smaller pieces because Poland didn't suffer from the occupation against Sweden and is a much stronger country).

The very weakened Sweden was divided between Denmark, Prussia and Russia, where Prussia take care of the important Bergslagen, the main mining area in Europe, thus becoming an important strengthening of the Prussian economy. To the north the border was decided by Russia and for the easy of defending it followed the mighty Ångermanälven.

Year 1800

Poland continues to be divided during the 8 century. Russia and Prussia was cemented as the major powers in Northern Europe.

Year 1820

Napoleonic Wars changes the European countries. At the Congress of Vienna United Kingdom and Russia dictate the terms. A balance is sought, but Russia's total annexation of Poland can’t be avoid. Holy Roman Empire is dissolved.

The strong liberation movements in Norway and Sweden, results that both countries become independent again. Jamtland is seemed as a part of Norway since long time ago.

Year 1870

As the leading state of Germany Prussia unites the German Empire,

Year 1920

The First World War means land cession for Germany. Austria-Hungary was dissolved. Nationalism gets a big break in Europe. and a number of new states formed, among others the restored Poland.

The revolution in Russia meant large territorial losses for the Soviet Union Nationalism gets a big break in Europe and new states were formed such as as Finland and the Baltic States.

The boundaries of Northern Scandinavia was divided after language principles and Sweden receives the Swedish-speaking part of Bothnia region.

Year 1940

The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany shared Northen Europe. Sweden came under German occupation, while Finland resist the Russian attack and cedes only Carelia to the Soviet Union.

Year 1950

Nazi Germany was defeated and divided into a West (BRD)- and East Germany (DDR). Poland cedes the eastern provinces to the Soviet Union while obtaining parts of Germany.

Year 1990

Soviet Union was demolished and the republics become independent states. (The big difference towards today is that northern Sweden is now a part of Finland). Finland is also the Nordic region's economically strongest country.


Sweden total lost at Great Northern War